Permits & Forms

  1. Absentee Ballot

    Read about applying for an absentee ballot.

  2. Authorization for Release of Military Discharge

    Read about applying for a release of military discharge.

  3. Birth Record Application

    Gain information about birth record applications.

  4. Building Permits / Inspections

    Learn about building permits and inspections.

  5. Certificate of Real Estate Value

    Gain information about applying for a certificate of real estate value.

  6. Concealed Pistol Permit

    Obtain a concealed pistol permit.

  7. Conditional Use Application

    Gain information about conditional use application.

  8. Death Record Application

    Apply for accessing a death record.

  9. Driveway Application

    Obtain a driveway application.

  10. Dust Control Permit Application

    Access a dust control permit application.

  11. Elderly Tax Freeze

    Learn about an elderly tax freeze.

  12. Fictitious Name Form

    Learn about the process of obtaining a fictitious name.

  13. Flood Plain Development Permit

    Obtain a flood plain development permit.

  14. Handicap Parking

    Seek a handicap parking permit.

  15. Manure Pipe Easement Application

    Apply for a manure pipe easement.

  16. Marriage Record Application

    Gain information about obtaining a marriage record application.

  17. Motor Vehicle Forms

    Obtain various motor vehicle forms.

  18. Nuisance Complaint Form

    Complain about a nuisance in Brookings County.

  19. Overweight Highway Permit

    Access an overweight highway permit.

  20. Over-width Highway Permit

    Obtain an over-width highway permit.

  21. Owner Occupied Application

    Apply for owner occupied status.

  22. Property Tax Forms

    View property tax forms.

  23. Right of Way Occupancy Application

    Utilize the right of way occupancy application.

  24. Variance Application

    Fill out a variance application.