Our Departments

  1. Brookings County Officials

    Click here to view a brochure of elected and appointed Brookings County officials.

  2. Staff Directory

    Learn how to contact county staff.

  3. Commission

    Learn about the Commission Department.

  4. County Development

    View information about the County Development Department.

  5. Equalization

    Learn about the Equalization Department.

  6. Finance

    Look up information about the Finance Department of Brookings County.

  7. Highway

    Find information about the Highway Department.

  8. Register of Deeds

    View information about the Register of Deeds.

  9. Sheriff

    Look up information about the Sheriff's Department.

  10. State’s Attorney

    Learn about the state attorney.

  11. Veterans / Human Services

    Learn about the Veterans and Human Services Department.

  12. Weed & Pest

    Peruse information concerning the Weed and Pest Department.