Register of Deeds

Preserving History

The Register of Deeds office is the “library” for the county. Our office records Brookings County real estate documents (such as deeds, mortgages, easements, satisfactions, etc.) The real estate records begin with homestead records in the mid 1870s through today. Our office also records and preserves other records such as:

  • Burial records
  • Fictitious business name filings
  • Mechanics liens
  • Military discharge
  • Powers of attorney
  • State, federal, and county liens
  • UCC
  • And other documents.

Issuing Certified Records

Our office issues marriage licenses ($40.00) and certified copies of birth, marriage, and death records ($15 each) for the State of South Dakota.

Starting July 1, 2021 marriage license applicants must prove their identity by providing 1 of the following:
 (1) Passport;
 (2) Federal, state, military, or tribal photo identification;
 (3) Certified birth certificate, along with a current school or employment photo ID; or
 (4) Certified birth certificate, along with a U.S. Department of the Treasury Form 4029 that is completed.
 Also, each applicant must provide on the application the surname (last name) they will be known as after marriage.  That being the applicant’s surname, the spouse’s surname or the applicants’ hyphenated surnames.  


Genealogists find the information available in the Register of Deeds office very valuable to their research. Though the South Dakota birth records are closed to the public, South Dakota genealogists search marriage and death records, school records, burial records, and land records which are open to the public. 

Fictitious Business Name Filing

If you are operating a business in Brookings County that is not incorporated, you need to file a fictitious name filing through our office.

Grant Deed Letter Scam Warning

A Brookings County homeowner recently received a letter in the mail from a company claiming they would send a copy of the homeowner’s Grant Deed to them at a cost of $83.00. The letter states that it is recommended that they obtain a copy of their Grant Deed as it provides evidence that their property is, in fact, their own.

This company is in no way affiliated with Brookings County. If you would like a copy of your Deed, it can be obtained for $1.00 per page at the Register of Deeds office in the City & County Government Center at 520 3rd Street, Suite 120, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Home Warranty Scam Letter Warning

We have heard from other counties that scam letters have been going around from a group called “County Deed Records” that claim that the receiver’s home warranty has expired. Do not respond to these letters. If you have any question about your home, contact your loan company directly or call your county Register of Deeds office. The Brookings County Register of Deeds office can be reached via phone at 605-696-8240 or in person at the Government Center at 520 3rd Street in Brookings. 


43-28-24.   Definitions related to identity information. Terms used in §§ 43-28-25 to 43-28-28, inclusive, mean:

             (1)      "Personally identifiable information," any information that includes one or more of the following specific unique identifiers when combined with an individual's name:

             (a)      A social security number. This term does not, however, include the last four digits of a social security number;

             (b)      Checking, savings, or share account number; or

             (c)      Credit, debit, or charge card number;

             (2)      "Preparer," any person who creates, drafts, edits, revises, or changes the document or instrument that is recorded with the register of deeds. The term, preparer, does not include any person who hires, requires, refers, pays, or requests that the document or instrument be drafted or recorded.

  43-28-25.   Document preparers prohibited from including personally identifiable information. The preparer of a document or instrument may not include an individual's personally identifiable information in any document or instrument that is prepared and presented for recording in the county office of the register of deeds. This section does not apply to any document or instrument that was executed by an individual prior to July 1, 2010.

43-28-26.   Certain documents exempt. The provisions of §§ 43-28-24 to 43-28-28, inclusive do not apply to a state or federal tax lien or release relating to a state or federal tax lien, a military separation or discharge record, a uniform commercial code filing in the county office of the register of deeds, or any governmental certified copy of a document or instrument.