Protection Orders

What a Protection Order Does

A protection order is a legal document signed by a judge prohibiting a person from contacting the person filing the order.

Violating a Protection Order

A protection order violation is a Class 1 misdemeanor. Protection orders are civil matters, but a criminal charge results when a protection order is violated.

Where to Obtain a Protection Order

A protection order may be obtained at the Brookings County Clerk of Courts office, which is located at:
314 6th Ave.
Brookings, SD 57006

Questions about obtaining a protection order can be addressed to staff in the clerk’s office at 605-688-4200.

No Contact Order

If a criminal charge has been filed by the State’s Attorney’s Office, the victim may request that the attorney ask the judge to order a no contact order as a condition of bond.

What a No Contact Order Does

A no contact order is an order signed by a judge prohibiting the defendant in a criminal case from having any contact with the victim, direct or indirect, while out on bond.

Violation of a No Contact Order

If the defendant violates either a protection order or a no contact order, the victim should contact the police immediately at 911. Although the violator may be gone by the time the police arrive, victims should still have the police complete a report to forward to the State’s Attorney’s Office.