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Jan 21

Fraud Alert / Scams

Posted on January 21, 2022 at 10:23 AM by Michelle Delaney

The Brookings County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind and inform Brookings County residence of recent and current scams. Recently the Sheriff’s Office has taken multiple reports of individuals receiving calls from scammers pretending to be Brookings County Deputies as well as Homeland Security personal. These scammers are informing residents they have warrants and are requesting payment over the phone. The scammers are attempting to get personal identification information from community members including, address, date of birth and social security numbers. They have also attempted to retrieve banking information.

A Deputy Sheriff will not ask for credit card information or attempt to take a payment over the phone. We would also like to remind residents, if a person is attempting to receive payment via gift card it is a good indication of a scam. We are also reminding residents of Brookings County to never give banking information out or personal identification information such as date of birth and social security number.

Recent Scams Investigated by the Brookings County Sheriff’s Office:

PayPal: Community members are getting PayPal accounts set up in their name without their knowledge.

Gift Card’s: Gift Card scams are wide spread, the majority of these scams include a fake service being completed and the scammers requesting payment for the fake service via gift card.

Computer Scams: Residents computers have received a messaged on screen requesting they contact a service line. When they do, the scammer remotely takes over the computer and begins to access personal information. In some cases, they will hold the computer ransom until a payment is made.

We would like to point out these are not all the scams that can occur to our community members and if there are any questions or concerns to please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Scott Sebring
Assistant Sheriff
Brookings County Sheriff’s Office
315 7th Ave
Brookings, SD 57006