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Jun 20

Radar Sign Installation

Posted on June 20, 2022 at 9:23 AM by Michelle Delaney

June 15th 2022 South Lake Drive, Lake Poinsett

In June 2021, Sheriff Stanwick was alerted by citizens living on S Lake Drive, Lake Poinsett of vehicles periodically traveling at very high rates of speed along the residential roadway. Deputies were sent to the location and found the traffic along this roadway generally moves at a proper speed and did not locate any motorists traveling at the speeds reported. Sheriff Stanwick then deployed a radar recorder in the area which would record the speed, direction and time motorists were traveling on the roadway. When the results were received, it was found during the two-week period of the recording, almost 20,000 vehicles had passed the recorder. Most motorists were obeying the speed limit, but a few were vastly exceeding the posted 35mph speed zone with several traveling nearly 80mph in the 35mph zone. This data, along with other justifying factors, were used to apply for a grant through the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety and funding from the Brookings County Commission to install speed indicating signs. Two signs were purchased by the Brookings County Sheriff’s Office and installed by the Brookings County Highway Department on June 15th 2022. These new signs, indicate a motorist’s speed and if the 35mph speed limit is exceeded, the signs flash red and blue lights attempting to slow the motorist. These signs also provide the same recording capability as the radar recorder, so information on their effectiveness can be evaluated at a later date. This is part of Sheriff Stanwick’s long term plan to make Brookings County roadways more safe and slow motorists to the indicated speed limit. Other areas are also being evaluated for similar signage in the future.

Scott Sebring
Assistant Sheriff
Brookings County Sheriff’s Office
315 7th Ave
Brookings, SD 57006