Child in Need of Supervision

Juvenile Criminal Offenders

A juvenile may be brought into court charged as a child in need of supervision (CHINS) for behavior which is beyond the control of their parent or guardian and for certain other matters. Truancy, underage consumption, and running away from home are CHINS offenses. If a criminal offense is committed by a person under the age of 10, that child can be brought into court as a CHINS.

Child in Need of Supervision Defined

The term, child in need of supervision, means:
  • Any child of compulsory school age who is habitually absent from school without legal excuse
  • Any child who has run away from home or is otherwise beyond the control of the child’s parent, guardian, or custodian
  • Any child whose behavior or condition endangers the child’s own welfare or the welfare of others
  • Any child who has violated any federal, state, or local law or regulation for which there is not a penalty of a criminal nature for an adult, except violations of subdivision 34-46-2(2), or petty offenses; or
  • Any child who has violated § 35-9-2 or 32-23-21.