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Upcoming Foreclosures

Mobile Home Sales

Pursuant to SDCL 10-22-18, posted is a current list of delinquent mobile home taxes that are scheduled for sale.

Upcoming Mobile Home Sales

Note: All Mobile Home taxes are linked to the last known owner of each mobile home at the Brookings County Finance Office. If you have recently sold your Mobile Home, you may STILL owe for last years taxes. Conversely, if have recently purchased a mobile home, that Mobile Home may not be current on said taxes owed. Please contact the Brookings County Sheriff’s Office at 605-696-8300, or the Brookings County Finance Office at 605-696-8250 for any clarifications. 

All sales are subject to cancellation at any time.

Mobile Home sales take place at the property site.
Foreclosure sales take place inside the west entrance of the courthouse at:

Brookings County Courthouse
314 6th Ave.
Brookings, SD 57006