Responsibilities of the Highway Department

  • Supervising maintenance and construction on all county roads and bridges
  • Purchasing and maintaining equipment

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Brookings County Highway Department maintains 220 bridges. One hundred and sixty three structures have a span length greater than 20 feet and 34 are box culverts. The department also maintains 394 miles of county roads (133 miles of gravel roads and 261 miles of hard-surface roads).

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County Road 12 Bridge Closure & Replacement Project

August 24, 2021 - August 2022

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Structure 06-147-200 is located 4 miles south & 2.3 west of Brookings, SD on Brookings County Road 12 (216th St).

Q.           What is happening with this particular structure? 
A.           Removing the existing 152.8’ long structure which is 24’ wide, replacing with 212’ long by 32.0’ wide. The replacement structure is longer due to scour design requirements.

Q.           What will this project cost?
A.           $1,846,339.55 is the official bid price. Brookings County applied and was awarded a South Dakota Department of Transportation Bridge Improvement Grant or SDDOT BIG Grant on March 29,2018 with a  50%/50% cost share between the SDDOT and Brookings County. 

Q.           Is that a good price?
A.           The original Engineers estimate total project was $1,904,760.50.

Q.           Why is this structure being replaced?
A.           The current structure in place, the concrete deck, back walls, and piers has been in a state of decay for many years and in areas rebar is fully exposed?

Q.           When will the work begin?
A.           August 24th, 2021 will be the official closure date.

Q.          Will emergency services have access to a shorter route in case of an emergency?
A.           Brookings County has made arrangements to provide an alternative route for emergency services while this structure is under construction.

Q.           When will the work end?
A.           The overall completion date for this project is August 26, 2022. The contractor is commencing work immediately to try to get as much work done in the channel of the Sioux River this winter so if it floods this spring they can continue to work on items outside the river channel.